Introducing EW-DX Tour 2022

Join us for an exclusive preview event of EW-DX – the latest addition to our Evolution Wireless Digital family of radio microphones. 

• Take a closer look at the complete EW-DX product line-up
• See where EW-DX fits into the Sennheiser professional wireless portfolio
• Learn how EW-DX eliminates intermodulation and simplifies frequency coordination 
• Feel EW-DX in your own hands, and discuss your next projects with the technical experts
• Audition the full range of Sennheiser and Neumann wireless capsules, lavaliers, headset mics and headphones

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Who should attend?

These events are designed for everyone working with live audio production and wireless microphone systems, whether you’re a sound engineer, designer, theatre op and or AV tech. We’d also recommend these events to production managers, performance venues, audio consultants, and teams involved in selling and renting radio mics. 

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